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Photography without flash is allowed.


Strollers are not allowed - use a baby carrier. You can leave the stroller free of charge in our dressing room.


No entry in jackets, coats, with umbrellas, bags and backpacks -a free cloakroom is available.


Luggage and large luggage are not allowed - there is a free cloakroom.


No consumption of food or drinks.


No touching of exhibits or displays.


Prohibition on the use of telephones and loud conversation.


Prohibition of weapons, sharp instruments and glass containers.


Entry under the influence of alcohol or drugs is prohibited.


No smoking.

No entry with animals.


Ticket forgery will be reported as an offence.


A scanned ticket cannot be reused.


Visitors may be subject to a security check upon entry.


Children under the age of 14 can only enter accompanied by an adult.


Discount for seniors - after reaching 65 years of age.


Student discount - valid with a student card up to the age of 26.


The exhibition is also accessible to wheelchair users.


The number of people in a wheelchair may be limited for safety reasons.


Keep the ticket in a safe place.

Each ticket has a code and a control ticket, which is verified at the entrance to the exhibition, when it is torn off by an authorized employee.


In case of damage, theft or loss, the ticket is not returned or exchanged.


The organizer is not responsible for problems or damages caused

by illegally copying or forging a ticket.


In case of cancellation of the reservation, it is necessary to request a refund at the ticket office where the ticket in question was purchased.


The organizer does not cover additional costs (for example, hotel or transport).


The ticket holder agrees to photographing and recording and the subsequent use of the material by the organizer without the right to remuneration.


The ticket cannot be exchanged or returned, the service fee is non-refundable.


If you do not feel well while visiting the exhibition,

contact our staff - they will help you.

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